Your First Garden: The Free Mulch You May Already Have on Your Property

Your First Garden: The Free Mulch You May Already Have on Your Property

I have been gardening since I was a little girl. Growing up in the South, it wasn’t uncommon for us to grow our own food from seed or by digging into the ground with shovels and pickaxes. My dad would often say “Gardening is one of those things that’s not really practical but is fun.”

Growing up, I learned a few basic gardening skills. For example, I remember being taught how to prune a tree back so it didn’t get too tall. Or how to dig out the roots of a plant so they wouldn’t choke the rest of the plants life.

As time went on, I started getting interested in other types of gardens such as fruit trees and flowers. So, when I moved away to college, I decided to start learning about different kinds of plants.

After graduating, I came home and started looking around for a job. While searching online for jobs, I found a gardening position at a local nursery. After interviewing there, the owner told me that he needed someone who could work in the greenhouse full time.

So far so good…except this was before all these new technologies like computers and internet access! I didn’t even have a cell phone! After I got the job, I remember my mom helping me pick out a phone before she drove me to the nursery.

I started out working in the greenhouses, learning how to grow tomatoes, flowers, and other plants from seeds. Tomatoes are especially hard to get right since they need just the right amount of heat, water, and sunlight. It’s a process called “germinating” seeds before they can become full-grown plants.

Learning to grow from seeds was one of the most fun parts of the job. We grow the plants until they are a good size, and then we transplant them to the ground. I would take home flowers and tomatoes too. I would put them in my backyard where I had an entire garden area with flowers and vegetables.

I learned about a lot more than just planting and growing flowers and vegetables though. For example, one thing I learned is that you have to keep records of everything. For example, we keep records on all the plants we grow so we know how many of a certain plant to order from the distributors.

Gardening can be a very fun hobby and a great way to relax and enjoy nature. Whether you want to grow flowers, vegetables, or even fruit trees, you can find a way to garden that is fun for you!

Your First Garden: The Free Mulch You May Already Have on Your Property -

I worked at that nursery for three years. I learned a lot and met a lot of people in that time, but I decided it was time for a change. So, I moved to the mid-west and got a job working as the assistant manager of an orchard.

What could be better than apples, pears, and cherries?

Nothing, in my opinion. I loved working out in the orchard where I got to work outside all day and enjoy the fresh air.

The orchard was much bigger than the nursery too, so it kept me very busy. I got to do a lot of different things there too such as help with watering, weeding, and pruning the trees.

After working there for a few years, I took and assistant nursery manager position at the local community college. I work in the greenhouse there. It’s not a huge place, but it keeps me active and gives me a chance to work with plants year round.

Even though I’ve moved around a bit, I still keep in touch with my mom (and give her fresh produce every now and then). She has her garden in the backyard too. I like to think that all that time working with me in the nursery and orchard helped give her the idea to make her own garden.

My life is good now, but there’s one thing I wish; I wish I had pictures from those days! I would love to be able to look at a picture of me and my mom and dad when they dropped me off for my first day of work. Unfortunately, cameras were very expensive and rare back then, so I have no pictures at all.

Someday maybe I’ll be able to go back in time and visit my parents when they were younger. I know they would love to see me as an older man!

We should all take the time to appreciate our parents while they are still here with us. They sacrifice a lot so that we can enjoy our youth.

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