1. What are the benefits of starting a garden? A garden provides many benefits to the home owner such as: It keeps pests away from your house and property. It helps reduce weeds and other unwanted plants growing around your yard. It protects against frost damage when it […]

The Best Vegetables For A First Garden 1. Potatoes – These are the most popular vegetable for a first garden because they provide good nutrition and taste great. They grow well in almost any soil type but prefer sandy soils. They have many uses including stuffing, pies, breads, […]

Westport, Connecticut is one of the most beautiful places in America. Its picturesque streets are lined with quaint shops and restaurants, its historic downtown houses charming Victorian homes and elegant hotels, and it’s vibrant nightlife attracts tourists from around the world. But there’s another side to Westport that […]

You’re Invited: A Virtual Screening of ‘Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf’ Piet Oudolf is one of the most famous gardens in Holland. It was designed by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1566–1630) and it’s located near Nijmegen in the province Zeeland. Its name means ‘the garden of […]

You Pinned It, We ID It: A Stylish Collection of Houseplants The following are some tips on buying houseplants. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments section below. 1) Buy from reputable sellers with good feedback! Do not buy from shady vendors […]

Yes We Can! Bringing Back Grandma’s Violets: Growing Wild Violets Wild violets are one of the most popular plants in gardens. They make beautiful houseplants and they add color to any garden or patio. If you have ever wondered how to grow wild violets, then you will find […]

Wreath Party: 12 Favorite Florists’ Holiday Decor Workshops The Wreath Party is one of the most popular holiday events in the United States. It’s not just for kids anymore; it’s grownups too! And there are plenty of ways to celebrate with your family and friends at home or […]

Enter a prompt that describes who you are and the first couple sentences of where you start out ex: ‘You are a knight in the kingdom of Larion. You are hunting the evil dragon who has been terrorizing the kingdom. You enter the forest searching for the dragon […]

World’s Most Beautiful Porch Light: How do you like your light? You might say it’s too bright or too dim. Maybe you prefer a little bit of both. If so, then you’re probably going to love our article on how to choose the right porch light for your […]

The most beautiful planters are those which have been designed with a particular theme in mind. They are usually placed near a place where there is a special feeling or emotion associated with them. There are many different types of planters and they vary greatly in size, shape, […]