1. The Living Room The living room is one of the most popular areas in any house. It’s where you spend your time relaxing or doing work, so it needs to be stylish and comfortable. You don’t want to have a boring space here, so make sure you […]

1. Large Indoor Plants for Sale 2. Bigger Indoor Plants For Sale 3. Bigger Trees For Sale 4. Bigger Plants For Sale Bigger Indoor Plants for Sale Large Indoor Plants are not only good for your home but they are also great to have in the garden. There […]

“Taking Bread and Roses literally in Brooklyn” In the past few years, there have been many changes in New York City. From gentrification to the rise of hipster culture, it seems like everything has changed since I was growing up here. But one thing hasn’t changed: the love […]

Aeoniums are plants that have been genetically modified with a gene from the blue butterfly (Dendroica) to produce a flower that produces light. Aeoniums are not native to Earth, but were brought here by humans. They have become popular because they are easy to grow and produce flowers […]

Table of Contents: Spring Forward 2016 Spring Forward 2016 The year 2016 was a good one for those who are interested in learning more about Table of Contents. For example, it was the first time that we have published a new edition of our book. It is not […]

Summer Roundup: 9 Great Pool Houses The following are some pictures from my backyard pool. I have a large outdoor pool with two large shallow pools and a large deep indoor pool. All the pools are connected by pipes and drain into the outside water system. There is […]

Summer Pies from the Garden are one of the most popular desserts in America. They are made with fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and peaches. These fruits are cut into small pieces and then cooked until they become soft and mushy. Then they are filled […]

The idea of having a porch or deck is one of the most popular outdoor living options nowadays. There are many different types of decks and porches out there. Some have sliding doors while others don’t. You might want to consider the following details when choosing your ideal […]

Asparagus Ferns are perennials growing from a single stem. They have no leaves or stems, but they do grow from underground roots. They look like small ferns with white flowers and red berries. Their common name comes from their resemblance to the asparagus plant, which is native to […]

Garden Ideas to Steal from Japanese Zen Masters: The Japanese are known for their love of nature and gardening. They have been cultivating gardens since ancient times. Their garden designs reflect their love of nature and respect for plants, which they believe to be sacred beings. Japanese garden […]